South Stack Lighthouse, Anglesey - A landscape photograph by Robert Rhead

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Shutter Island

For weeks it seems the weather has been set against me with brilliant weather during the working week and as soon as weekend approaches, nothing but overcast skies and rain... a very frustrating forecast for a landscape photographer.

By the beginning of June I could take no more, I took a gamble on what could possibly be a little sunshine over Anglesey, while the rest of England promised more rain.

There were blue skies as I arrived at South Stack Lighthouse for my very first time, a place I never seem to have found the time to visit. Excited, I parked the camper van and walked to the edge of the cliff to see the lighthouse for the first time and my first landscape photography location in far too long. I couldn't see the lighthouse... in fact I couldn't see anything at all. Covering the water for as far as the eye could see was a blanket of fog thick enough to completely submerge the lighthouse. Undeterred I walked down the many steps to check out possible compositions, hard to do when the lighthouse was not visible but I just loved the steps leading down and hoped the lines would lead to where I suspected the lighthouse would be.

It wasn't until early evening that the fog finally cleared and it wasn't dark enough to take a good night shot until after midnight. So at around 12:30 with the aid of my powerful head-torch I headed back down the steps and captured this shot.

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