Milky Way Skye - A photograph by Robert Rhead

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Milky Way Skye

Anyone familiar with The Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in Scotland will know that the hike up to the rocks is hard going even in the day time. During my recent visit to Skye I had been hoping for some breaks in the very typical overcast and rainy weather, it was however excellent weather with at least two nights with completely clear skies.
It was a chance I wasn't going to pass on island that was far enough away from urban light pollution to make the Milky Way incredibly clear in the night sky and a photographic location that is world renowned.
Setting out on my own at 11pm and hiking the steep one mile trek up the side of the mountain was far from easy ...with an unbelievable darkness making even your own hand in front of your face invisible, it is very easy to lose orientation and the indeed the valuable footpath. A couple of hours later and after overcoming the difficulties of photography in complete darkness I got my shot of the Milky Way.

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