Benevolence - a landscape photograph by Robert Rhead

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Benevolence - Bornisketaig, Isle of Skye

It's quite remarkable how some locations always seem to be kind with the weather. Bornisketaig on the Isle of Skye is at least for me one of those locations. Stumbling across it a couple of years ago when roaming the island in my camper van, I was presented with an amazing sunset in a fairly overcast week. My recent trip was no exception. After driving some 10 hours to get there in what looked like quite bleak conditions, I wasn't particularly hopeful of getting any good shots, in fact the whole day had produced nothing but flat grey skies. Resorting to spending the day on Bornisketaig rocks spin fishing for the local Pollock (unsuccessfully). Approaching dusk, a thin slither of clear sky appeared over distant Islands of Lewis and Harris, just in time for the golden sunset light to flood through.

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