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  • Getting the LRPS distinction from The Royal Photographic Society

    Getting the LRPS distinction from The Royal Photographic Society

    Jul 16, 2015 - by Robert Rhead

    Admittedly I have a tendency of leaving things to the last minute and I had visions of myself frantically rushing around the day before the assessment to print and mount images. I promised myself not rush my final panel prep and started choosing possible candidates for selection almost…

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  • 7 tips to improve your landscape ?photography compositions

    7 tips to improve your landscape photography compositions

    May 20, 2015 - by Robert Rhead


    Simple is beautiful, simple is easily understood. Keeping your compositions clutter free will make it easy for the viewers eye to quickly understand the story you?re telling with the image. Identify the essential elements in the scene and compose to avoid everything that…

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  • How to: Zoom burst photography

    How to: Zoom burst photography

    Dec 16, 2014 - by Robert Rhead

    With all the sparkly baubles and lights hanging around town at Christmas time, one photography technique comes into it's own particularly well. Zoom Burst photography is an interesting method of making some amazing and creative abstract images without any kind of Photoshop trickery. In fact it's…

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  • Star trail photography

    Using the Nikon D800 Intervalometer for star trail photos

    Nov 5, 2014 - by Robert Rhead

    It's clear from the responses to my write up on 'How I shoot star trail photography' that many Nikon D800 users have experienced the same bewilderment with the built in Intervalometer that I initially did when out in the field with my camera. The D800 user manual isn?t really very helpful in…

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  • How I shoot star trail photography

    How I shoot: Digital star trail photography

    Nov 1, 2014 - by Robert Rhead

    There is information a plenty on the web about night photography and star trail photography. As I decided to immerse myself in the subject most information I found was contradictory and sometimes unclear, hence this post on the techniques I use.
    Before we start, this is just how I do it,…

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